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Current Issue
Volume 8,
Issue 2
1 February 2024

About the Journal

ImmunoHorizons is a fully open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal committed to advancing the knowledge of immunology.

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Both Horatio and Polonius: Innate Lymphoid Cells in Tissue Homeostasis and Repair

This article, written by Steven J. Van Dyken and Intelly S. Lee, discuss recent work uncovering a more central role for ILCs in maintaining homeostasis even in the absence of infection. The authors discuss the developmental origins of ILCs, relate how ILCs sense danger signals, and describe their subsequent engagement of appropriate repair responses using a general paradigm of ILCs functioning as central controllers in tissue circuits, ultimately proposing that these interactions form the basis of how ILC subsets maintain organ function and organismal homeostasis, with important implications for human health.  


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